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Mortgage calculator in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a mortgage in the Netherlands? With Finsens’ mortgage calculator you can calculate your maximum mortgage. The calculator is easy to use and will estimate your maximum mortgage and the monthly costs. It will also give you an overview of the sharpest interest rates.

A useful calculator for expats in the Netherlands

As an expat in the Netherlands you can get the same mortgages as Dutch residents. There are no special terms or conditions. The only requirements are that you have to live and work in the Netherlands and have to provide insight in your personal financial situation.

Finsens can provide independent advice

Finsens is an independent intermediary that advices expats on financial matters, such as mortgages. We can help you with objective advice because we are not affiliated with banks or mortgage lenders. This ensures that our advice is fully tailored to your personal needs and in your best interest.

Go to our website and use our calculator!

To use our mortgage calculator and calculate your maximum mortgage in the Netherlands, go to Finsens’ website. If you have any questions regarding the calculator or the outcome, feel free to contact us. We are happy to consult you on these matters and tax matters, as tax advisor in Amsterdam.